Our Story

The Fruit of Resilience

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Aylin who lived in a small village at the foothills of the mountains. Her life revolved around her family's apricot orchards. However, one day, an unexpected disaster struck their village. A flood engulfed their village and destroyed the apricot orchards, leaving their hard work submerged under water. Aylin lost her father in the midst of this tragedy, but she survived alongside her mother. In the face of adversity, Aylin and her mother supported each other, hand in hand.
Days filled with challenges and lonely nights passed by. Aylin felt nothing but despair in the aftermath of the devastation. However, one day, she decided to plant an old apricot sapling in the soil. That sapling became a ray of hope, a new beginning for her.
Years went by, and Aylin worked tirelessly to rebuild her family's orchards. She tilled the soil, planted saplings, and greeted each day with hope at the break of dawn. Despite the hardships, Aylin and her mother never gave up, eventually succeeding in establishing a thriving apricot orchard on their own.
Eventually, the orchards began to flourish anew, and a smile returned to Aylin's face. Now, the apricots were not just fruits but also symbols of resilience and determination. They stood as a testament to the hardships and struggles Aylin endured.

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